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Effective 10/1/2017
New Meal Pattern Requirements

* At least one serving of whole grains per day
* Breakfast cereals must contain no more than 6 grams   of sugar per dry ounce
* Yogurt must contain no more than 23 grams of sugar    per 6 ounces
* Unflavored whole milk must be served to children 1yr    old to the end of 23 months
* unflavored low-fat(1%) or fat-free (skim) must be 
  served to children 2 through 5 years of age.
* unflavored low-fat(1%), unflavored fat-free (skim), or
  flavored fat-free(skim) must be served to children 6 
  years and older
* Deep-fat frying is not allowed as a way to prepare 
   foods on-site
* Pasteurized, 100% juice is limited to one per day
* Tofu and soy yogurt credit as a meat alternate
* Vegetables and fruits are now separate components
* At least one vegetable must be served at lunch and 
* Grain based desserts do not count towards meeting 
   the grains requirement.
* The infant meal pattern now has two age groups
   Birth through 5 Months and 6 through 11 months
* Fruit and Vegetable juices must not be served to 
* Whole egg is now claimable for infants
* Solid foods are gradually introduced around 6 
   months, as developmentally appropriate 
*  Requires a vegetable or fruit, or both, to be served at
   snack for infants 6 through 11 months when     developmentally ready.   
*  Allows ready-to-eat cereals for snack only for infants
   6 months through 11 months

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